Our Story

The Story Of Charlotte

We are a small team of creatives who share a passion for bridal fashion. Charlotte Bridal has a fabulously feminine style, using flowing shapes and silhouettes.

Pairing delicate florals and luxuriously soft fabrics to create fashion-forward gowns.

Every effort is made with each gown to create the perfect style, look, fit and structure. Our team of designers work tirelessly to ensure perfection whilst continuing to explore the needs and requirements of today’s bride.

Our Creative Director

“So much passion,
goes into
every Charlotte
design, from the
initial sketches,
right through to
the finished gown
on a rail.”

Helen Lord x

Working alongside our boutiques, they can ensure that you select the perfect Charlotte gown for you ensuring that you look fabulous on your big day.

A Charlotte bride is free spirited and feminine, an independent thinking woman who is confident in both her fashion and bridal style. Expressing her unique individuality, personality and style through her Charlotte bridal gown.